How We're Different

We noticed while working at other spas and studios that there just wasn't enough time to get to know our clients, so how could we deliver our best services? Since starting the Tranquility Company, we've built in extra time so that we can get to know you and your goals. That way, there is no rush to get on the table, feeling like you're going to be cut-short if you should have to explain an injury or how stress affects you. 


Moreover, massage therapy modalities are interconnected and rely on other techniques to encourage the healing process, so why should you have to limit yourself to one set of techniques?

That’s why we allow an extra 10-15 minutes to get to know you and ask the pertinent questions, so we can offer more effective, meaningful experience to your massage therapy. 

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What is Restorative Bodywork?

Restorative Bodywork is the signature method of integrative massage & bodywork therapies from the Tranquility Company. Clients often ask how we describe our work because our approach is so different from the spas and clinics alike. Our answer is simple: like with counseling, our method places you and your goals are the heart of each session.


We don’t use routines or sequences. We review your health history, listen to your stories, and offer strategies to get you where you want to be. Whether you’re seeking a reprieve from weekly stressors, difficult life events and transitions, training for your next marathon, overcoming chronic pain issues, or enjoying the peri-natal life and motherhood, we can help.

Our work is also a great compliment to physical therapy, chiropractic, osteopathic & sports medicine, acute and chronic pain management, and sports- and occupational- related injuries.

If you like deep tissue styles or very gentle healing energy forms of massage therapy, we can offer specific techniques as well.  


One of the most basic facets of our work is to unwind the conditioned tendencies that prevent us from moving and experiencing life differently.

Working with Kerri

Kerri's sessions can include bodywork especially suited for clients going through difficult life events and transitions and traumas. Touch therapy is a wonderful compliment to Somatic Experiencing and other forms of talk therapy. 


Additionally, she adds dynamic cupping massage into her practice. Cupping massage is a technique that utilizes movement across the fascia to increase hydration and decrease stagnation in tissues. By increasing the flow of blood to where it is lacking, the cups aid in hydrating the tissues, increasing range of motion, and decreasing pain in the movement of joints. 

Working with John

John's work can include more movement-based therapies, such as advanced myofascial therapy & Thai massage. For these kinds of appointments, it is best to wear gym shorts, modest underwear, or a swimsuit. Cotton clothes that stretch and allow access to the body are best: regular bras are preferred to sports bras because the larger straps on sports bras limit access to the back. We also do not recommend lycra, hoodies, or pants with zippers. For men, boxer briefs are preferred to regular boxers, or running shorts. 

For standard table work, such as Esalen Massage & Deep Bodywork Therapy, please dress down as you would normally.