We’re John &   Kerri

 the owners & massage therapists at the Tranquility Company.

A Tale of Two Hearts

About Us

After six years of working in a variety of settings, including elite day spas, massage therapy clinics, and personal training studios, we formed the Tranquility Company in 2014.

Why Work With Us?

The Tranquility Company is a local family-owned and operated business  of two world-class massage therapists, John & Kerri, dedicated to creating and maintaining truly personalized massage therapy experiences,

in a cozy and unhurried environment.

We offer our studio and practice as

a place of solace and safety.

We are LGBTQIA allies and body positive 

We believe that touch is vital

to our wellbeing. That touch is

innate to our humanity.

Children need touch to thrive.

People need touch to regulate

emotional and physical stress.

Everyone needs more touch,

more often, with greater

knowledge and skill.

We are dedicated to understanding your needs, meeting you where you are, and helping you get to where you want to be. 

To us, you are a whole person

and not simply a cervical strain,

lumbar spine fusion, or weak knee;


you are a whole person

in need of relief

from the everyday stresses

of life, and we understand that.

Our Commitment to You