Restorative Bodywork & Somatics

in Durham, NC

Tranquility Company is dedicated to understanding your needs, meeting you where you are, and helping you get to where you want to be. 


To us, that means putting your needs first, and designing a treatment plan that reflects who you are and where you are in life.


We specialize in massage and bodywork, therapeutic stretching, and movement education to help you to live your biggest life.


Our specialization differentiates us from the spas and the pain clinics alike; we are a balance of the spectrum and an excellent complement to your physical therapy, chiropractic, and functional fitness teams.


To us, you are a whole person and not simply a cervical strain, lumbar spine fusion, or weak knee; you are a whole person in need of relief from the everyday stresses of life, and we understand that.

We are closed for in-person appointments until 9/1/2020, tentatively. However, we are now offering online therapeutic massage tutorials for families and partners, available 7 days a week. Request an appointment today!

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All appointments are in-studio.

Our Address: 1415 West NC 54, Building 100, Suite 204, Durham, NC 27707 at the Hamilton Centre.

For driving directions, simply put 'Tranquility Company of Durham' into your GPS, instead of using our numeric address -- sometimes map applications negate the WEST part of the address.

For clients arriving to us nationally, we recommend flying into RDU.

The nearest and best hotels to us are Hyatt Place Durham/Southpoint &  Farfield Inn & Suites Durham Southpoint.