Thai Yoga Massage & Bodywork

What began as a temple art in Thailand has become a wonderful synthesis of massage and movement therapy. The work itself is a pattern of stretching, compression, and both passive and active activation of the joints. This therapy is excellent for treating over-stimulated nerves and under-stimulated bodies, and for calming the mind and heart.

Our Three Signature Approaches to Thai Massage

When making an appointment, just tell us in the notes which you would like, or we'll just discuss them when you come in. 

Traditional  Thai 

The client is fully clothed, and consists of approximately 70% stretching and 30% massage. 


Integrative Thai

The work is performed with the client minimally and modesty clothed and while draped, and consists of approximately 50% stretching and 50% massage. 

Spa or Swe-Thai 

The client can dress down to normal spa treatments, and consists of approximately 70% massage and 30% stretching. 

What should I wear?

To ensure your body is free to move, we recommend stretchable, comfortable clothing. 

If you have a dependency to feel cold, we recommend wearing a light sweater, yoga pants, and comfortable socks. 

If you tend to run warmer, shorts and t-shirt or athletic top is suitable. 

Some clients prefer not to wear a bra under their shirts because of the constriction of the wiring and/or straps, and that's a-okay with us. 

The only items we do not recommend are pants with zippers and hoodies. 

Benefits of Thai Yoga Massage & Bodywork:

 - reduce low back pain

          - neck & shoulder tension
          - tension headaches
 - decompression of osteoarthritic joints
 - piriformis syndrome

 - plantar fasciitis
 - digestive difficulties

  - menstrual & menopausal problems  
  - stress-related conditions of visceral tissues
  - increase endorphins & serotonin
  - lymphatic circulation
  - joint flexibility & stability
  - restore proper muscle length
  - realignment of the joints & proprioceptive    

          neuromuscular facilitation to restore posture
  - increase range, ease & quality of motion in joints
  - increase the body’s resistance to injury

  - increase capillary density

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