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The Story of the Body

We know the story of the body. We know our bodies are what create our minds, shaping and reshaping our memories and our senses of who we are and where we belong.

The story of the body begins with touch and ends with memory, beyond thoughts and reflections, and into the world of reflexes, impressions, and dreams.

The story of the body is a story of reflexes and reflections, communities, and resistance to harm.

But sometimes naming the harm only reinstitutes the harm. And sometimes naming the harm only reveals our thoughts and reflections, but not the world of reflexes, impressions, and dreams.

When we seek guidance through talking, we can only tell the ending of our stories.

With touch, you can tell the beginning, without having to say anything at all.

With touch, we can transform the experiences that shape us and dissolve the resistances that no longer serve us. With touch, we can complete our stories, in safety, connection and collaboration.

The Tranquility Company exists to be that safe place, a place of nonjudgment, where you don’t have to keep telling the end of your story, but where you can find and understand the beginning.

Because touch is what connects us all, we can tell our stories together.

Hi, I'm Kerri Williamson

I'm a Restorative Bodyworker and Massage Therapist. I work in collaboration with those who are working through developmental traumas with psychotherapy and counseling by focusing on the direct felt experiences and sensations of the body through Somatic Reflex Therapy, a hands-on form of Somatic Experiencing, developed by Stephen Terrell, PsyD.

What is Somatic Trust™ Therapy?

Also known as Transforming the Experienced Based Brain, Somatic Trust™ Therapy is a complementary modality that focuses on the body and the developmental reflexes that are often disrupted in the early years of our lifespan. When these reflexes are disrupted, they become mute and are unable to help us thrive. This form of somatic therapy works with the pre-verbal parts of the self. It encompasses the relationships between attachment theory, polyvagal theory, and somatic experiencing. 

Our goal is to integrate the primitive reflexes that are often not fully integrated due to in utero or early childhood stressors.  These are reflexes that help us learn behavioral and emotional responses, especially when it comes to behaviors we need for survival, such as feeding, reproduction and caring for young children, and the fight or flight responses. They help us associate memories with various senses. They connect emotional content to our memories. 

How it works

We will follow a specific protocol that creates a safe space where you can begin to feel a difference in how you experience life, in subtle yet profound changes. As a Transforming Touch Therapist, I understand the importance of presence and curiosity. I assume the role of a secure base during our work together, which opens the door to repair early traumas.

We can work in-person, when available, and through telehealth for persons residing in NC.

What This Means for You

Together, we can create an atmosphere of connection and collaboration, that best supports you. We use touch and intentional touch to cultivate a sense of safety, nonjudgement, and resilience. This in turn can facilitate change, opening the possibility to experience greater ease and a greater capacity to navigate the challenges and stressors of life.

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