Primal Garden Fitness: Grant Proposal

Austin Community Foundation

Name of Organization:

Appalachian Carolinians

Street Address/P. O Box:

1415 West NC Hwy 54, Building 200, Suite 113







County: Durham County

Name of contact person:

John Williford

Title of contact person:

Health Promotion Program Coordinator

Phone number:

(919) 973-9797

Name of project:

Primal Garden Fitness

Geographic area and/or target population served:

The elementary school (grades 1-5) children who attend South Eastern Efforts Developing Sustainable Spaces, Inc.’s (SEEDS) afterschool program, SEEDlings.

Project Dates:

April 29th and 30th, 2018

Amount requested:


Signature of Authorized Agency Representative:

John C. Williford, III



1. Organizational capacity to conduct the project (Describe Appalachian Carolinian’s mission, goals, programs/services, etc.)

Founded as one of five pilot coalitions of Healthy North Carolina in 1998, Appalachian Carolinians’ work is based on the national Healthy Peoples Objectives for the Nation. Our mission is to improve communication, identify, obtain, and more efficiently distribute resources, and more effectively utilize partnerships to improve health and quality of life in Durham County.

Our goals are to work in partnership with other area agencies, such as South Eastern Efforts Developing Sustainable Spaces, Inc. (SEEDS), Durham County’s Health and Human Services, Duke University, North Carolina Central University, Kohl’s Bull City Family Fitness, and local businesses. Our programs have included 2nd and 9th grade health fairs, community and worksite health screenings, and Sun Safety programs for middle school students. We received the SAFE Kids grant in 2001 with the program being sustained currently, a grant from the America Cancer Society from 2000 – 2010, the American Diabetes Association in 2005, and collaborated with the local health department to write and administer the NC State Childhood Obesity Prevention Program in 2008 – 2009 (a $500,000 grant).

2. Provide a description of the project including key strategies, timeline for project.

Primal Garden Fitness is a pilot study in collaboration with the after-school program at South Eastern Efforts Developing Sustainable Spaces, Inc. (SEEDS), “SEEDlings”, a nonprofit urban farm in the Cleveland-Holloway neighborhood in downtown Durham, NC. This study is designed to introduce the concepts of non-exercise physical activity to the children (grades 1-5) who participate in the after-school program. The children who attend SEEDS come from the four elementary schools closet to the neighborhood, and the pilot study will seek at least 20 of the children participate in the study. The intention behind SEEDS is to introduce the farm-to-table experience for the urban children in downtown Durham who do not have access to farms and gardens. The use of their garden space and community kitchen are excellent settings to teach children ways to increase physical activities related to everyday living and to have fun while taking care of the most essential components of living: growing food, cooking, cleaning, and socializing. The pilot will occur over a two-day period, beginning April 29th and ending April 30th, 2018: day one will serve as training and input from the SEEDS members and the day two will be the actual program for the children. The study will utilize an evidence-based community-level intervention program outlined by Khan, et al (2002) from the American Journal of Preventative Medicine. The program will be coordinated by Appalachian Carolinians in conjunction with the SEEDS organization members. Pre- and post-program surveys will be administered to at least 20 participants to measure changes in attitudes, knowledge, and demonstration regarding non-exercise physical activity.

3. Describe the need that the program will address – Needs Statement

SEEDS is located at 706 Gilbert Street in the Cleveland-Holloway neighborhood, which is part of the urban center of Durham, NC. The neighborhood’s population is approximately 1,644, and the total number of children at district elementary school is approximately 591 students pre-K through 5th grade. 36.2% of the population lives under the poverty level, with a median household income of only $20,441, compared to Durham’s overall average of $52,000, and an unemployment rate of about 17%. Being a predominantly black and Hispanic population, with limited access to whole food grocery stores, obesity and diabetes mellitus are major concerns for the whole neighborhood, but especially it’s children.

With Primal Garden Fitness, the elementary aged children who attend SEEDS after-school program undertake the tasks of growing and cooking food. The organization literally provides the farm to table experience for the under-served children of their neighborhood. This environment is perfect for the utilization of non-exercise activity thermogenesis, as gardening is considered a moderate level of activity and cooking is a low to moderate level, respectively. By demonstrating usage of the garden and kitchen spaces with functional movements, the children will learn how to use a non-gym environment for personal fitness. The program will show them fundamental ways of moving that allow optimum biomechanics, such as lunges and squats, and to integrate those activities into everyday life. The end-result is that increasing NEAT in everyday life can increase caloric energy deficits by up to 50% in obese populations. Used every day, NEAT can reduce elements of the obesogenic environment, and lower the risks of developing diabetes mellitus in young children, as well as increase other health-related measurements, such as BMI.

4. List the overall goal (s) of the program.

The primary goals of Primal Garden Fitness are to change the way the children of SEEDlings think and feel about non-exercise physical activity, learn its benefits, and increase their levels of non-exercise physical activity.

The secondary goal of Primal Garden Fitness is to include the program into the SEEDlings curriculum.

5. List the objectives. These should be measurable.

1. By April 30th, 2018, at least 20 of the children who attend SEEDlings will participate in the Primal Garden Fitness pilot study.

2. By April 30th, 2018, of those who participate, at least 80% will be able to demonstrate three ways to move their bodies to increase caloric deficits by using their environment on SEEDS’s campus.

3. By April 30th, 2018, of those who participate, at least 50% will able to list three benefits of non-exercise physical activity.

4. By April 30th, 2018, of those who participate, at least 50% will have positively changed their attitudes about non-exercise physical activity.

5. By May 31st, 2018, the SEEDS Board of Directors will vote whether to include Primal Garden Fitness into the SEEDlings program.

6. List the strategies you will utilize to reach the program objectives- Methods

1. Form committee to develop activities manual

2. Develop pre-program surveys about perceptions of non-exercise physical activity

3. Develop post-program surveys regarding perceptions, knowledge, and demonstration

4. Present activities manual, program structure, and surveys to SEEDS Board of Directors for approval

5. Contact SEEDS members who will be responsible for the SEEDlings on April 30th, 2018

6. Train SEEDS members on April 29th, 2018

7. Distribute pre-program surveys—knowledge and attitudes

8. Distribute post-program surveys—knowledge, attitudes, demonstration

9. Perform summative evaluation of participants

10. Analyze and distribute summative evaluation to Austin Foundation, SEEDS Board of Directors, Durham County Depart of Health, Durham County Public Schools, and the Duke University Healthcare System

7. State how, when, and by whom an evaluation will be conducted including any reports that will be compiled and how the evaluation will be used for program improvements.

Appalachian Carolinians and SEEDS will evaluate Primal Garden Fitness by May 31st, 2018, to determine whether it met the desired objectives. Evaluations will include:

- Pre- and post- surveys to assess health beliefs, knowledge, and behaviors

- Documentation of number of participants

- Post-program survey to demonstrate ways to increase non-exercise physical activity

- Participant satisfaction survey

Upon completion of Primal Garden Fitness, a summative evaluation will be compiled to evaluate the overall effectiveness of the program. The results will be reported to the SEEDS Board of Directors to determine if it will be added to their afterschool curriculum.

The results of this evaluation will be presented to the Austin Foundation. Primal Garden Fitness will also be publicly available through SEEDS’s annual report and through Appalachian Carolinians’ website.

8. Describe how your program will be continued after the funding period. Specify source of funding and commitment of your agency – Sustainability Strategies

If successful, SEEDS is able incorporate Primal Garden Fitness into its after-school curriculum with its current level of funding. Further funding for an eight-week summer camp will be sought through the Longleaf Collective and The Art of Giving, two local agencies dedicated to promoting the health and wellbeing of children in the Triangle, as well as the local fundraising group League of Upper Extremities Wrestling Women of Durham (LUEWWD).

Budget Sheet (delete extra lines not needed)

Program name and number of participants expected: Primal Garden Fitness, 20 participants

Project/program budget year (s): 2018

Total amount of request: $883.20


Item cost/amount needed

Total amount

In-Kind Salaries

SEEDS volunteers

6 hours/program @ $10/hour

for 6 people


In-Kind Materials

Mushroom compost

5 @ 24.95


5 Gallon buckets

5 @ 3.95


Garden Hose

5 @ 12.99



5 @ 21.25



10 @ 2.50


Cutting boards

5 @ 12.95



5 @ 19.95


Stock pots

5 @ 13.95


Total In-Kind Contributions


Funding Request

Printing Activities Manuals

60 @ $10.00


Surveys for participants

90 @ 2.95


SEEDS members surveys

6 @ 2.95


Total Request from Austin Foundation

Approximately $883.20


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