Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT): the easiest way to burn more calories, everyday!

You don’t need a gym membership to lose weight: just move your body more, doing what you already do – at home, at work, with family, and running errands.

It can be that simple, if you know what to do.

We often think that we need to buy things to feel better.

More gym equipment. Better running shoes.

A magazine subscription.

You don’t need any of those things to lose weight.

All you have to do is move your body more, and we can show you how.

Constantly feeling like you don’t have enough energy?

Does your doctor want you to lose weight?

Do you have regular bouts of nonspecific pain and tension?

If so, try our one-on-one health coaching program.

Together, we can build a plan that works specifically for your needs.

We’ll look at your goals and establish an action plan that will help you keep track of your progress. Our program uses an evidence-based model outlined by James A. Levine’s work in what he refers to as Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis, or NEATs.

Learn how to:

- Organize your house to increase your movement habits

- Stop outsourcing your physical activities and energy

- Move your body in new ways to feel stronger, more balanced,

and more energized

- Correctly count your calories for every pound you lose

- Measure healthy weight-loss and, more importantly, how to keep it off

What is NEAT?

For highly active people, NEAT comprises about 60% of your metabolic activity.

In other words, it burns a lot of calories.

And the best thing about it, for people who need to get “more exercise”, NEATs are the perfect way to burn more calories without having to change diet.

Researcher James A. Levine has even stated that the average “low activity” person can burn up to 350 – 700 extra calories per day simply by increasing activity levels by two hours a day.

That sounds like a lot, but it’s not. And that 350 extra calories a day equals to about 20lbs or more of weight loss in a year.

For more information, call to make a Health Coaching appointment!


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