Health Coaching: The NEAT Approach (Press Release)

Health Coaching: The NEAT Approach

The Tranquility Company is now offering one-on-one appointments for Health Coaching.

Durham, NC, 4/22/2018 – Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis, or NEAT, is a major part of your daily metabolic processes, comprising up to 60% of your daily calorie-burning activities, whereas formal exercise only comprises a fraction of your daily expenditure. So, if you’re wanting to lose weight, the very best place to start is to focus on the activities of daily living.

According to pioneer researcher James A. Levine, MD, PhD, “within two minutes of getting up, on a fundamental cellular level, your body is changing.” What this means is that every movement we make throughout the day matters. Though the qualities can be different, such as running, lifting weights, folding laundry, cleaning the dishes, sitting on the floor, playing with your children, all these movements contribute to the health and quality of your body. Another pioneer in movement culture is biomechanist, Katy Bowman, who, in her book, Move Your DNA, states: “You can eat the perfect diet, sleep eight hours a night, and use only baking soda and vinegar to clean your house, but without the loads created by natural movement, all of these worthy efforts are thwarted on a cellular level, and your optimal wellness level remains elusive.” In other words, are bodies are in continual motion, whether we move deliberately or not. We can maximize the potential of our movements to help us live our biggest life.

For more information, visit us online at, or call (919) 973-9797. We are located at 1415 West NC 54, Suite 204, Durham, NC 27707. Our website is a reliable source of articles as well as brief videos that demonstrate movement strategies, as well as frequently ask questions.

Working one-on-one with clients provides time to discuss their current lifestyle patterns, goals, and health history. For the first consultation, we will perform a movement screening assessment and discuss personal goals and limitations, if any, for healthy moving habits.

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About Your Health Coach:

John Williford is a Certified Health Education Specialist, Certified Movement Specialist, and Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist (NC License #9351). He received a Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion at Appalachian State University. He is the co-founder of The Tranquility Company with his wife, Kerri Williamson.


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