Our Mission

How we practice our values

As a local family-owned and operated business in Durham, NC, we are patrons of other local vendors. We seek out products and materials that are certified fair trade and organic where appropriate. We donate our time and money to local causes. And for every decision we make as a business, we ask ourselves who benefits from the transaction. A business is only as sustainable as the community it fosters. 

As members of our greater community, we are conscious of the fact that our actions affect everyone around us. We seek equanimity with the world around us by providing you a place of solace and serenity, and intentionally honoring the world and its resources. The Tranquility Company sets out to create wholeness in our lives, community and world.


Our hearts are the drum beat of presence, integrity, authenticity, kindness, and taking our work seriously, so we don't have to take ourselves seriously. It is our great joy to share our space for health and healing. 

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Tranquility Company of Durham

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