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A different approach to massage therapy

Massage therapy modalities are interconnected and rely on other techniques to encourage the healing process, so why should you have to limit yourself to one set of techniques?

With us, you get: 

  •      sufficient time to check-in with us + hands-on time + an extra five minutes to rest & integrate afterwards

  •      a full range of techniques suitable to you

  •      a therapist who will remain present in your healing process

We noticed while working at other spas and studios that there just wasn't enough time to get to know our clients, so how could we deliver our best services? Since starting the Tranquility Company, we've built in extra time so that we can get to know you and your goals. That way, there is no rush to get on the table, feeling like you're going to be cut-short if you should have to explain an injury or how stress affects you. 


That’s why we allow an extra 10-15 minutes to get to know you and ask the pertinent questions, so we can offer more effective, meaningful experience to your massage therapy. 

What's with the differences in time?

High-end resort spas will charge clients up to $100 extra for the privilege of resting on the massage table for another fifteen minutes. With us, it's on the house. We end every appointment with a meditation chime that allows you an extra five minutes to rest and recollect and come to your senses. Want to practice savasana? Awesome! Want to stretch out and try the yoga pose you were having difficulty with before you came in? Absolutely! The point is -- take your time. It's on us. 

an extra five minutes at the end

Levels of Service 

Restorative Bodywork

Restorative Bodywork is the signature method of integrative massage & bodywork therapies from the Tranquility Company. Clients often ask how we describe our work because our approach is so different from the spas and clinics alike. Our answer is simple: like with counseling, our method places you and your goals are the heart of each session. We don’t use routines or sequences. We review your health history, listen to your stories, and offer strategies to get you where you want to be. Whether you’re seeking a reprieve from weekly stressors, training for your next marathon, or overcoming chronic pain issues, we can help. If you like deep tissue styles or very gentle healing energy forms of massage therapy, we can offer specific techniques as well.  One of the most basic facets of our work is to unwind the conditioned tendencies that prevent us from moving and experiencing life differently.

Medical & Sports massage

A complimentary aid for physical therapy, chiropractic, sports medicine, acute and chronic pain management, and more, orthopedic massage is a results-based modality used to address neuromuscular, myoskeletal, and soft-tissue related injuries and dysfunction. We use a functional-alignment approach, as opposed to structural-alignment based methods. The human body works in near-symmetry and not symmetry itself. 

Integrative abdominal therapy & bodywork for women's health

Pelvic health affects every aspect of self, across the lifespan. Restorative massage & bodywork can be of great benefit both on a physical and emotional level. Symptoms associated with visceral pain, pelvic discomforts, PCOS, irritable bowel syndrome, incontinence, endometriosis, fibroids, PMS, bloating, and other digestive and reproductive pathologies can be greatly relieved through this therapeutic approach. 

Thai yoga massage & bodywork

What began as a temple art in Thailand has become a wonderful synthesis of massage and movement therapy. The work itself is a pattern of stretching, compression, and both passive and active activation of the joints. This is a great compliment to physical therapy, by providing deep stretching and compression to hard to get to spots in the body. Choose from three signature styles: Traditional, Integrative, and Spa. 

Maternity massage & bodywork

Massage therapy for pre- and peri-natal maternity is a safe, nurturing, and effective way to reduce many of the adverse results of stress and the accompanying discomforts. We treat the discomforts of pregnancy and maintain optimum health for the expectant woman, for the duration of the pregnancy, through labor and postpartum, and to the nursing period and beyond. We strive to make your experience of motherhood as comfortable and rewarding as possible.

myofascial cupping massage

Myofascial massage cupping is a technique that utilizes movement across the fascia to increase hydration and decrease stagnation in tissues. By increasing the flow of blood to where it is lacking, the cups aid in hydrating the tissues, increasing range of motion, and decreasing pain in the movement of joints. Myofascial massage cupping can be used as a stand-alone treatment or integrated into your regular massage.

timeless bodywork

Sometimes your body just needs more time to unwind, that's why we offer two and a half hour and three hour appointments. Timeless Bodywork is not offered to new clients. If you are interested in this type of appointment, please call us. 

Canceling or rescheduling this appointment requires at least 48 hours notice to avoid cancellation fees. 

stillness & integration

Add an extra ten minutes of rest to the end of your appointment. 


























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