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Work with a Certified Health Education Specialist

Maybe you can relate: Every year your primary care physician gives you a lab write-up based on some blood samples, and included in the write-up are the most generalized suggestions taken straight from the CDC's website.


And for most of us, they all say the same thing: eat more fruits and vegetables, get more exercise, practice better sleep hygiene, get involved in your community, etc. 

While these suggestions are wonderful in concept, you can't help but wonder how to actually fulfill all those goals.


These tasks are often daunting, especially with everything else you already have to do. 

We all face the same dilemmas: how do we make changes when there is no time to do anything differently? 

If you're facing the same questions, try working with a certified health education specialist, or health coach. A Health Coach can work with you to develop an actionable plan based on your physician's recommendations to help overcome the obstacles set forth by modern living. 

Because, as much as you'd like, you probably can't live in a cabin in the woods by yourself. Not forever. 

A Health Coach can help you break down each issue into smaller steps, and focus on how to make lifestyle changes as easy and sustainable as possible. 

I would love to work with you.

My name is John Williford.    You can read my   resume  here. 


Health Coaching is conducted on a one-on-one basis, in association with your primary care physician and family. 

I use an evidence-based approach of metabolic intervention referred to as Non-Exercise Thermogenesis Activity, or NEATs, as the basis for weight management and positive changes in lifestyle. These are the day-to-day activities you don't know you perform. 

Together, we can find a strategy to use the very same activities to empower your health and give you the confidence to: sleep better, move more, and enjoy cooking and working in the kitchen. Chores aren't chores if they're part of a fitness regime, especially if they get you on the right track to meeting your healthcare goals. 

Learn more about the health screening process by reading our    health assessments  

Learn how to: 

- Manage your weight sustainably (and keep it off)

- Calculate resting metabolic rate

- Calculate metabolic rates for various activities 

- Address beliefs about your health

- Move your body better so you can move it more comfortably 

- Optimize ways to manage your stress levels 

- Practice better sleep hygiene 

Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis

Can Change Your Life

Regardless of whether we mean to or not, we are moving all the time. At a molecular level, all things are moving, nonstop, all the time. As complex as we are, our materials are no different. As Carl Sagan said, "We're 'star stuff'", right? 

In addition to our resting metabolic rates, our metabolism is a continuum of various activities, some requiring more extensive use of calories than others. We often think of going to the gym to burn more calories. After all, exercise is one of the quintessential forms of health maintenance. This is an oversimplified view, often mis-characterized by private organizations in order to make money. And while I will never tell you not to join the gym, if you really want to and thoroughly enjoy going, but the truth of the matter about weight loss and changing lifestyles is this: 

You will get better results from learning how to optimize your non-exercise activities than you will from joining a gym in order to get healthy. 

NEAT's compromise up to 60% of your daily activities. I have compiled several strategies to increase the levels of movement for everyday people, particularly with children (you can thank me when they start doing the household chores). Exercise comprises less than 10% of metabolic activity. The math is simple: which activities offer more opportunity to lose weight? NEAT's. 

To make an appointment, please call me at (919) 973-9797. 

For more information on how NEAT's work, check out our            blog    for movement tips, grant proposals, a recent press release, and more.