modern partner massage

Provide more meaningful touch

 without complicated modalities

or cultural appropriations.


Fine-tune your massage

techniques for those

who matter most  

Learn how to make your relationships feel like a spa. Are you ready?

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Here's the Thing

Here's Another Thing

Massage therapy techniques are quite simple.

Everyone needs more meaningful

physical touch and connection.

Massage therapy is one of the very best ways of meeting that need. The best part is some of the most effective massage techniques to use at home don’t require special oils or equipment. You don’t even have to be unclothed.

All you need is some time and a clean floor.

Most certification and diploma programs require many hours of biology, law, communication, and business classes in addition to technique classes.


But the techniques themselves are simple.

And some of the best techniques can be done

at home, or anywhere. 

a women is receiving a shoulder massage

What is 

coFLO modern partner massage™?

It's a method of massage & bodywork

that allows partners to

work with each other,

whenever, wherever they want. 

Learn how to apply simple and effective massage techniques from our unique style of Restorative Bodywork, including popular modalities, such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Thai Yoga, Transforming Touch, and Therapeutic Stretching. 

Learn them as a sequence

or use them as stand alone spot treatment

when time is limited

Our goal is to help you 

help those

who matter the most

to feel their best. 

Streaming Bodywork - family at home cook

Our online appointments offer

a way for families, partners, roommates, and those sheltering in solitude to stay connected.


You'll be amazed at a what a little coaching can do, especially at a time when touch is so essential and necessary.

Choose between 30-minute or 60-minute online appointments.

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What You’ll Need

A comfortable floor with enough space,

about the size of two yoga mats side-by-side

A few pillows or bolsters so you can sit comfortably,or a regular kitchen chair

if floor sitting doesn’t work for you

30 minutes with the kids preoccupied  

(or crawling on you if that works, too!)

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