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COVID-19 Updates

We are requiring that all clients be fully vaccinated and provide documentation at the time of their appointment. Masks are also required for all clients. 


Despite both John and Kerri being fully vaccinated since February 2021, we continue wearing masks in public and at the office and will continue to do so until there is sufficient evidence that they are no longer needed.


We believe community health is fundamental to personal health, which includes protecting those who are not yet eligible for vaccination and those who cannot receive one at all. 

In addition to normal hygiene practices (hand washing, using clean linens, office cleaning, etc.),

we use the following protocols:

  • All clients and therapists wear masks during sessions.  We use KN-95 or 8-layer carbon-filtered masks.

  •  If you find it difficult to wear a mask when you’re lying face down, we can use a pillowcase to make a “hammock” that fits onto the face cradle to serve as a modified mask. If the hammock does still not accommodate your comfort, we are able to work with you face-up or on your sides instead.

  • We use a HEPA-grade air purifier in the room about three feet from the face cradle. When possible, we can work with the therapy room door open to increase airflow.

  • We use another HEPA air filter in the lobby, as well as for the entire unit, and a HEPA filtered vacuum cleaner for the carpet. We run all air purifiers 24/7.  

  • Clean linens are stored in a “clean room” that is separate from our therapy room, and used linens are also isolated in a sealed bag in a separate room.   

  • We perform temperature checks and review symptom history at the beginning of every session.

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