Massage Coaching Online

Enjoy the Comfort of Your Home

Book an appointment and learn how to apply simple and effective massage techniques from our unique style of Restorative Bodywork, including popular modalities, such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Thai Yoga, Somatic Touch, and Therapeutic Stretching -- all from home!

Our streaming service offers a way for families, partners, roommates, and those sheltering in solitude to stay connected while #StayingHome. You'll be amazed at a what a little coaching can do, especially at a time when touch is so essential and necessary.

Our 30-minute appointments allow for enough time to target specific areas of the body to gain relief, but not so long as to irritate the kids.

What You’ll Need

A comfortable floor with enough space,

about the size of two yoga mats side-by-side

A few pillows or bolsters so you can sit comfortably,or a regular kitchen chair

if floor sitting doesn’t work for you

30 minutes with the kids preoccupied  

(or crawling on you if that works, too!)

What to Expect

You’ll have 30-minutes access to two

expert massage therapists

You’ll receive a video copy of your appointment to refer to

Follow-up coaching emails if needed

Discounts on future seminars

A  Family Massage Therapy

Practice of Your Own

How it Works

Make an appointment request

Fill out the questions

via the appointment portal

We’ll review your information

and determine how to set up

We’ll email you instructions

on how to set your room up

We’ll be ready to rock

about 15 minutes prior

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